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High Quality Feather Extensions

With these feather extensions, you are able to wash, blow-dry, curl, and flat-iron your hair. Able to re-use. Feathers usually last 6-8 weeks.
  • Great Feather Hair Extension color mixes: Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Natural and Mixed.
  • All Feather Hair Extension are between 6-10" long
  • 7 Feathers - thin and wide
  • 7 clips also included, please note you can use one clip for all 7 feathers and save your other clips for another time. Or put feather thoughout your hair.
  • Instructions on how to install included

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These are very popular. So get your Feather Hair Extension order in now.
Limited supply on some colors.


Feathers will not look the exact same as to those shown in photo. This is a sample piece to give you an idea of what they look like. Feathers vary in size, shape and color. This makes every order a unique piece. Each order is hand picked from our staff. Feathers length range from 6" - 10." Feathers can last in hair up to 6-8 weeks depending on care. When styling hair we recommend to use only low heat to prevent damage and breakage.

feather extensions Example

Our Packages:

Sizes of feathers range from 6" - 10" in length width is shown below.
feather sizes feather extension package
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